House Revier

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House Info
House Name House Revier
Founder Airys / Dreamersun
Boons Musically Gifted, Close-Knit
Flaw Marked

House Revier is by far the youngest of the Sidhe Noble Houses, having begun in the aftermath of the Sundering, after all the others were already established, though if the Sidhe knew what they were doing now many would deny that they are Sidhe and would try their best to remove the Noble as well.

The progenitor of House Revier, sometimes called Dreamersun, was a Sidhe man named Airys. No one knows for certain what House he was born into, but those who still remember the Revier believe it may have been Fiona. Airys was wed to a Sidhe lady named Guenna, and it was not a happy union. Indeed, Airys had a wandering eye, and more frequently favored the human girls in the villages rather than his wife. This enraged Guenna and in a fit of madness she Cursed him and all his progeny, including her own four sons. In time the Curse was lifted and Guenna slain, and by that time, the family had grown into a House, and the Dreaming observed it.

During the time of the Shattering House Revier was attacked by a being calling himself the Shadow Lord, and in the attack Airys was killed. Lead by his half-human son, Shadowspath, House Revier retreated from Earth, but not to Arcadia with the other Sidhe, to someplace Elsewhere, and only the Dreamersuns know for certain where. They took with them all who would come, commoner and noble both, and escaped. Unknown to all but those allied with them, House Revier fled to a land called Reve d'Or, a land Goldeneyes Dreamersun ruled.

In the final years of the Shattering House Revier allied with a young woman named Joiya Baerlon, and from her come the Treespeakers.

Fortunately enough, one supposes, House Revier never really abandoned Earth, and Revier Fae, Garou, Mages, Treespeakers, and others continued to make the journey back and forth, keeping tabs on those Revier descendants and allies who, for one reason or another, never left. They also, albeit reluctantly at times, protected other Fae and supernaturals as they needed it over the years. Most notable is the time Goldeneyes Dreamersun, properly called Genevion Goldeneyes Revier-Fiona, saved the Huntsman's life, something she probably wishes she could forget.

As the years of the Interregnum passed, House Revier faded from the memory of the Fae and from the other supernaturals as well, until no one remembered it anymore and even the blazon was lost, but the Dreaming remembered.

With the Resurgence there are Sidhe once more on the Earth and it is easier for House Revier Sidhe to travel, doing their mysterious duties, guided by a mysterious power they rarely take the time to explain. For those who undergo a Saining by those outside the House, the blazon that is revealed is not one they know, and the Sidhe, who is usually undeniably Sidhe, simply has to live with the mystery. Commoner Fae who are of Revier descent don't run into this problem because the nobility cannot imagine a commoner being Noble by birth.

By long-standing tradition, any child of a Revier is a Revier, and is a full member of the House, be that child Kithain, Gallain, or mundane, though mundane descendants are rare. The blood tends to run true. And the Dreaming enforces this.


Revier tend to have a natural leaning towards music, and display gifts not unlike the Satyrs in that direction. Any member of House Revier gets 1 extra dot in either performance or a musical specilized skill of their choice.

Also, House Revier is very close knit and often rush to the rescue of their own. Any member of Revier can call on his kin for assistance in times of danger.

Banality is not as difficult a thing for Revier Fae to deal with. For some inexplicable reason, it is less powerful against them. Sidhe of the house do not suffer Banality’s Curse. A commoner of this house may, once per game, remove a temporary point of banality.


All members of House Revier by birth bear some mark on their mundane form. This mark is most commonly a single streak of white hair, but it has taken other forms, such as one eye one color and the other of another, or even Changeling's Eyes, though having this does not gain points, unless there is another mark as well. This mark is always a legitimate genetic idiosyncrasy, however rare it may be.

Also, all House members and allies suffer from the enmity of the Shadow Lord, who would do his best to destroy them at any opportunity, or at least cause them harm and pain. As the Shadow Lord is a powerful force, this put members of this house in great danger.

In addition to this, because of Airys's legacy, Dreamersuns tend to have a wandering eye. However wonderful an idea monogamy may be, they have a dickens of a time managing it and most don't even try, unless they have a soul-mate who would be hurt by dalliances.